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Beat Hazard Ultra [Indie] [Jtag/RGH]

Beat Hazard Ultra



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Beat Hazard Ultra is a release of the game that was previously available for the Xbox 360 as an indie title and then on PC. It is a twin-stick shooter where the player controls a space ship in a single screen arena with randomly generated enemies and power-ups based on the music that is playing. Music is provided in-game but can also consist of custom tracks stored by the user on the device or hard disk. For the Android version it is also possible to play along an internet radio station.

As a whole, the game largely incorporates the content and features of the original Beat Hazard game along with the Beat Hazard: Ultra add-on, in a single game. The add-on for instance introduced head-to-head and cooperative multiplayer games (PS3, not for the mobile versions), also with the Boss Rush, Chill Out and Survival game modes. All versions come with perks that can be unlocked in-game and achievements/trophies. For the mobile versions there are two ways to control the game: either as a one-stick mode for beginners or a twin-stick mode or advanced players. The game also includes a music visualizer without gameplay.